Juanda Marshall teaches the third-grade classes at Limerick Elementary School.  The third-grade classes sing in the Limerick winter concert and play recorder in the spring concert.

Limerick has a 4th/5th grade school chorus that meets once a week during the school year. They sing in the winter and spring concerts.


Ms. Marshall teaches all the classes at Germain Academy.  This year, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th/5th grade chorus received music once a week all year long. PK, Kndg, 1st, and 4th, & 5th grade received a semester of classroom music.  All the students play the ukulele during their music classes. 

The music program features a winter concert in December and a spring concert in April or May.


At Porter Ranch two days a week, Ms. Marshall teaches every elementary class eight 50-minute lessons during the school year.  Every group of students play the ukulele during their music session. 

The classes sing, play instruments and learn grade level music concepts and skills. All of the grade level groups perform in a grade level winter performance.

This school is a “Leader in Me” school. I have reinterpreted the "7 Habits of Happy Kids" from the Leader in Me website to apply to performing. I call it the “7 Habits of Performance” to guide students in a way that blends with the school’s philosophy.

Many students at Porter Ranch take private music lessons or are part of the school orchestra.

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